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Dental Implants — Chesterfield, MO

Rebuild a Complete, Confident Smile

Losing a tooth is a devastating event, and it’s one our team here in Chesterfield doesn’t take lightly by any means. Not only is your oral health compromised, but your self-confidence as well, making it hard to smile due to fear of judgment or embarrassment. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Instead, let Dr. Jeff Yenzer turn back the clock on your oral health and beauty with the help of dental implants in Chesterfield, MO. This transformative treatment option offers results that are comfortable, durable, and simply seamless.

Why Choose Yenzer Family Dental of Chesterfield For Dental Implants?

  • State-of-the-Art Dental Technology for Precise Results
  • Able to Replace Any Number of Missing Teeth
  • Fair & Honest Fees with No Surprises

What Are Dental Implants?

Diagram of dental implants in Chesterfield

When we talk about dental implants, we’re technically referring to the surgically placed portion that sits inside of the gum and bone tissue. These posts are designed to act as artificial roots and are made from medical-grade titanium. This biocompatible material allows the implants to fuse with the jawbone, ensuring the sturdy support necessary to hold a dedicated restoration (such as a dental crown, bridge, or denture.) This unique placement ensures that basic functions, including chewing and speaking, feel incredibly natural. As such, it’s no wonder that dental implants are regarded by patients and dentists alike as the gold standard of tooth replacement!

The 4 Step Dental Implant Process

Before you start a dental treatment plan as complex as dental implant tooth replacement, you’ll want to take plenty of time to discuss the treatment plan, schedule, and budget. During a tooth replacement consultation, we’ll review the entire process to help you understand what to expect from your individual treatment plan. On this page, we’ll review the basics of how dental implants work, but to get a more specific treatment plan, call Yenzer Family Dental of Chesterfield to schedule your consultation appointment to discuss how dental implants work with Chesterfield, MO dentist, Jeff Yenzer, DDS, and his dentistry team.

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

Chesterfield implant dentist discussing dental implant with model

Before we get started with the multi-phase dental implant tooth replacement process, we need to make a plan. During your dental implant consultation, we’ll review your oral and overall health history, discuss current medications, past experiences with surgical treatment, and a variety of other variables that will impact your treatment plan. Then, we’ll outline the entire dental implant tooth replacement process, including the cost and timeline.

Dental Implant Surgery

Chesterfield implant dentist explaining how dental implants work

Before we place one or more dental implant posts, we may need to perform preparatory treatments like tooth extraction or tissue grafting. Once your smile is prepared, we will surgically place your implant posts. This procedure is minimally invasive. We begin by making a small incision in the gum line. Then, we place the implant into the jawbone. A protective cap is positioned over each implant post to protect it during healing.

Dental Implant Osseointegration/Abutment

Diagram of dental implants in Chesterfield during osseointegration

Following the placement of your dental implants, you’ll need to wait for several months in order to allow the dental implant to fuse with the bone and gum tissue. Once the implants are fully anchored to the supportive structures, we’ll place abutments. These connector pieces allow us to attach the implant to the replacement teeth. After placing the abutments, we design your dental crown, bridge, partial, or full denture.

Delivery of Dental Implant Restorations

Chesterfield implant dentist holding final restoration and model

After the placement of your abutments, we will need to wait for the dental lab to custom craft your final restoration. Once we receive them from the lab, you’ll return to the dental office so we can attach your crown, bridge, or denture to the dental implant posts, recreating your flawless smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Woman with dental implants in Chesterfield smiling at an apple

Your teeth consist of two parts: your root and your crown. Traditional tooth replacement options only replace the crown—not dental implants. They are the only solution to replace both. By surgically placing an implant post into your jawbone, it acts as a new root. This stimulates the jawbone to encourage new bone growth. As a result, your jawbone will fuse to the post to create a secure and stable foundation for your replacement tooth while also protecting your bone density. This one-of-a-kind placement provides unmatched comfort, functionality, longevity, peace-of-mind, and so much more!

Dental Implants Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

Diagram of single tooth dental implant in Chesterfield

The restorations that dental implants support are all custom-designed in order to resemble real teeth as closely as possible. Most people won’t even realize you had dental work done in the first place. But implants don’t just look natural; they also feel like part of your mouth once they fully integrate with the bone. They also have nearly the same chewing power as real teeth, meaning you can eat the same way you normally would. You’ll also be able to maintain a normal brushing and flossing routine.

Dental Implants Can Easily Last for Decades

Young man with dental implants in Chesterfield

While you can extend the lifespan of a dental bridge or dentures with good oral care, you can usually expect them to last only about 10 years or so. Dental implants, by comparison, have a much longer lifespan of 30 years or more. In fact, it’s completely possible for them to last the rest of your life with proper maintenance. This is due to the fact that implants are made out of titanium, which is not only highly durable, but also bio-compatible, meaning it won’t be rejected by the body.

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Diagram of dental implant in Chesterfield in jawbone

Once a tooth is gone, the underlying bone will start to break down because the body has determined that it is no longer needed. As much as a quarter of the bone’s total volume can be lost within just one year of missing a tooth, and the issue will only grow worse with time. But with a dental implant, you can reverse this process. Implants act as new roots that can stimulate the bone and encourage the growth of new tissue, thus maintaining a healthy level of bone density.

Dental Implants Improve the Stability of Nearby Teeth

Diagram of dental implants in Chesterfield supporting teeth

When there’s an excessive amount of empty space in your mouth, the remaining teeth will start to shift towards the gap, leaving their original position and throwing off the balance of your bite. This can severely affect your ability to chew normally, and it could complicate future attempts to replace the teeth. When an implant is properly placed and topped with a well-designed restoration, it will completely fill the empty space and stop dental drift from occurring in the first place.

Who Dental Implants Can Help

Whether you’re missing one tooth, many teeth, or an entire arch, dental implants can rebuild a complete, confident smile that you’ll be excited to show off once again. First, we’ll ensure that you’re a good candidate for dental implants during your initial consultation by checking your oral health and jawbone density. Then, we’ll review all your tooth replacement options and help you choose the best type of dental implant for you!

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Thankfully, practically any adult in good health suffering from missing teeth can get dental implants! However, not all our patients start out as good candidates. But there’s no need to worry! We’ll help you overcome whatever obstacles stand between you and the fully, healthy smile you deserve. Generally, you’re considered a good candidate for dental implants if you have:

  • A mouth free of oral health conditions like cavities and gum disease
  • Enough jawbone density to support dental implants
  • Willingness to commit to great oral hygiene

Dental implants can fill the empty spaces in your smile. While they are often used to replace a single tooth, they can also provide an alternative solution to traditional bridges and dentures when replacing several or all your missing teeth.

Missing 1 Tooth

An implant post is placed into your jawbone. After adequate healing has occurred, an abutment is connected to the implant post. This allows a custom-made restoration to be attached to the post.

Missing Multiple Teeth

A bridge of prosthetic teeth is created to close the gap between your remaining natural teeth. Instead of capping your adjacent teeth, an average of 1 or 2 implant posts are used to hold it in place.

Missing All Teeth

When replacing an entire arch, you no longer need to rely on an adhesive or suction to hold the denture in place. By placing dental implant posts into your jawbone, it will be held securely in place to complete your smile.

Learn More About Implant Dentures

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

dentist and patient discussing cost of dental implants in Chesterfield

The cost of the procedure varies depending on your exact needs and your treatment process, such as the number of teeth that are being replaced and the materials that are used. During your initial consultation, your Chesterfield dentist, Dr. Yenzer will provide you with an estimate and discuss the various factors that influence the cost.

In addition to the number of posts, abutments, and restorations needed, you can expect to pay for any necessary additional procedures, anesthesia and sedation, and imaging. To help lower the cost, you may be able to use your dental coverage.

Although they can cost more than traditional options, they allow you to make a long-term investment in your oral health and your quality of life because they have the potential to last forever.

If you are ready to regain a complete smile, your dentist in Chesterfield can help. Contact our dental office today to schedule your consultation.

Types of Dental Implants

dentist placing implant bridge on model teeth

One of the most notable factors in determining dental implant cost is the type of implant used and the number of implants that need to be placed to restore your smile. For example, if you only need to replace a single tooth with one dental implant, you can expect to pay significantly less than someone who needs to have four to six implants placed so they can hold a full-blown denture. Once we complete a detailed examination of your mouth and determine which teeth need to be replaced, we can give a better idea of what your final costs will be.

Stages of Dental Implant Treatment

man smiles after getting dental implants in Chesterfield

Dental implant treatment is not just a single treatment. In fact, it’s a series of treatments that are performed over a period of time. This includes the surgical placement of the implants, the potential addition of an abutment (which provides extra stability to the restoration), and the placement of the restoration itself (which could be a crown, bridge or denture.) During your consultation, we can confirm if you need to have preparatory treatments completed, including bone grafts, periodontal (gum) therapy, or another procedure designed to restore your oral health or the condition of your jaw bone.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Cost of dental implants represented by coins and model tooth in outstretched hands

Time and time again, patients who receive dental implants say they are absolutely worth it for a few key reasons, even though they are generally more expensive. One of the most often cited reasons they love their dental implants is due to the longevity they provide. While other options like bridges and dentures require periodic replacement, dental implants are designed to withstand the test of time (i.e. 30 years or longer.) Additionally, patients appreciate the minimal maintenance that comes with dental implants (which largely requires simple brushing, flossing and routine exams and cleanings.) Furthermore, most patients end up paying less in the long-term because of how reliable dental implants actually are.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Dental insurance paperwork for the cost of dental implants in Chesterfield

In most cases, dental implants are not covered by dental insurance plans. With that said, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your insurance benefits to cover other aspects of care. This includes periodontal therapy, the initial consultations to determine eligibility for dental implants, and even the restorations used to cover them. While we are in-network with many dental insurance providers, we also offer third-party financing and a Smile Advantage Program for more manageable payment plans and potential discounts! Our goal is to make your treatment as affordable as possible so you can focus more on transforming your smile!

Dental Implant FAQs

Out of the all the dental procedures, dental implants in Chesterfield can be one of the most complex, so it’s natural if you have questions about them. At Yenzer Dental, we want to help you feel confident in your tooth replacement selection, and we’re happy to address any uncertainty or confusion you may have. We invite you to read the responses below to some of the most common questions we get, but we also encourage you to schedule an appointment with us so that we can discuss your concerns.

How Long Does the Implant Process Take?

The total treatment time can vary from patient to patient, depending mainly on how long it takes the jawbone to integrate with the implant. This process, called osseointegration, typically requires three to six months. We’ll monitor your jawbone’s growth and make sure it is strong enough before we complete the implants with your restoration(s). That way, you’re sure to enjoy your replacement teeth for a long, long time afterward.

What Can I Eat with Dental Implants?

Your diet options are almost limitless with dental implants. Basically, you can eat everything you used to eat with your natural teeth. There are, however, some things you should avoid if you want your implants to last for a long time, like chewing on ice or other hard foods. Sticky candy can dislodge the restoration, but it shouldn’t disturb the implant underneath. Otherwise, you have the freedom to enjoy the same foods you did before with stable, strong teeth.

Am I Too Old for Dental Implants?

There is no age limit for dental implants. Whether you’re 20 or 100, all that is needed is a healthy mouth and a jawbone that can support the implants. Even if you don’t initially qualify, we may be able to treat what is standing in your way (e.g., gum disease or insufficient jaw bone) and get you in a position to receive dental implants. During your consultation, Dr. Yenzer, your implant dentist in Chesterfield, will make sure you’re a good candidate before we get started so you’re set up for success.

Does Attaching My Dentures to Implants Really Make a Big Difference?

It makes all the difference in the world! Using suction to stay in place, traditional dentures lay on the gums’ surface, which means that they can be very insecure. In fact, research shows that dentures alone only restore about 25 to 30 percent of your original biting force. Compare that to implant dentures, which are grounded in the jawbone; they can restore around 70 percent of your biting power, enabling you to eat nutritious foods.